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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Time Is It?!

We had an issue this weekend with our Checkin system. At least, that is how it initially appeared. It turned out, though to be something completely different.

Our checkin kiosks were not opening the events at the right time. After a little bit of looking around, it turned out that our server had the wrong system time. When I heard about this, I was very confused. As a member server in our AD, it should have been getting the correct time from its local DC. Indeed, it was getting its time from the DC, but the DC had the wrong time also! This is where the actual problem presented itself.

The issue was with how this particular DC was getting its time. As a VM (hosted on a Hyper-V cluster), it was set to get its time from its host server (the default for the Integration Services, I believe). So, the DC was getting its time from its host. Then the hosts, and my other servers in that AD Site, were getting their time from the DC. Each machine was feeding the other the wrong time.

The solution? Turn off “Sync Time With Hyper-V Host” in the Integration Services section of the VM’s configuration.


Then, as AD member machines, my servers started getting their time from my authoritative DC in my domain.

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