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Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Lab Migration–Part 3

The last server in this little lab of mine is the Exchange server. To recap, my network now looks like:

  • DC1 running Windows 2012
  • DC2 running Windows 2012
    • AD forest/domain at Win2012 functional level
  • FS1 running Windows 2012
  • EXCH1 running Windows 2008 and Exchange 2010

Like the other servers, I install the Windows 2012 disk and run setup

  • Insert Windows 2012 setup DVD
  • /setup.exe
    • “Install now”
    • Go online to install updates as needed
    • Product key
    • Select OS type to install
    • Accept license terms
    • “Upgrade”
    • Compatibility report
    • GO!
    • A few reboots… This one is taking WAY longer than the others… Making me nervous.
    • It FINALLY finished!

It looks like the update worked. But, while waiting for this to finish, I did some research. It looks like early versions of Exchange 2010 don’t play nicely with Windows 2012. I am actually surprised that the lab Exchange server didn’t blow up when I upgraded the OS on it… From what I have read, I am surprised it is working. In either case, I will make sure that my production Exchange server is current with all updates before running the OS upgrade. Exchange 2010 SP3 and later seems to work fine with Windows 2012.

This has been a good lab. I am confident that these upgrades will go well on my production systems. I have already run the checks (listed in Part 1) and my AD/replication/etc. all look good.

Ready to go!

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