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Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Lab Migration–Part 2

We have successfully upgraded our DCs. So, the network now looks like:

  • DC1 running Windows 2012
  • DC2 running Windows 2012
    • AD raised to Windows 2012 functional level
  • FS1 running Windows 2008R2
  • EXCH1 running Windows 2008R2
  • CLIENT1 running Windows 7

I know want to run an in-place upgrade on the file server. I am just going to put the disk in and run setup.exe

  • Insert Windows 2012 setup disk
  • run /setup.exe
    • “Install Now”
    • Go online and install updates as needed
    • Enter license key
    • Pick OS type to install
    • Accept license terms
    • ‘Upgrade’
    • Warnings/Compatibility report
    • GO!
    • Reboots, etc.
    • Done.
    • Add Dedupe Role feature
      • File and Storage Services Role
        • File and iSCSI Services
          • Data Deduplication
  • Enable Dedupe on data volumes
    • File and Storage Services
      • Volumes
        • Disks
          • Select the data disk
          • Under volumes, right click on volume and select “Configure Data Deduplication”
            • Enable Data Dedupe
            • Configure
  • Wanted to test something I read about, some people having problems accessing network shares on Windows 2012 servers if the disk/volume is added after server is joined to domain
    • Create new VHD and attach to FS1
    • Set up disk
    • Create the folders/shares
    • Test access from client computer
      • No problems accessing shares/files/folders on new volume. Good news.
  • I set the dedupe aging to 1 day. I also copied a file over an over. Hopefully, it will dedupe and I can see the numbers.

So far, everything is working well. Now, to see about upgrading the Exchange server.

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