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Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Lab Migration–Part 1

I outlined here a new lab that I am running. My goal is to test in-place upgrades from Win08 to Win12 on DCs, File servers, and Exchange2010 servers.

My first step is to upgrade the DCs.

To review, the current lab network consists of:

  • DC1 running Win08R2
    • Running AD, DNS, DHCP
  • DC2 running Win08R2
    • Running AD, DNS
  • FS1 running Win08R2
    • Various shares, files, ACLs, etc.
  • EXCH1 running  WIN08R2 and Exchange 2010
  • CLIENT1 running Win7

So, my first step is going to be upgrading the DCs and domain to Windows 2012. I will be following the steps I outlined in this post. Should be pretty straightforward.

First, run a couple of test tools to see if anything looks horrible.

  • Dcdiag /v /c /d /e /s:DCName >c:\dcdiag.log [please replace DCName with your Domain Controller name]
  • Repadmin /showrepl dc* /verbose /all /intersite >c:\repl.log ["dc* is a place holder for the starting name of the DCs if they all begin the same (if more than one DC exists)]
    • These are taken from here.


  • On DC1
    • AD Sites and Services to force replication
    • Start command prompt as Administrator
      • from Windows2012 install disk
        • \support\adprep\adprep /forestprep
        • \support\adprep\adprep /domainprep
        • \setup.exe
          • Go online and get updates as needed
          • Enter product key
          • Select OS to install (core, w/GUI, etc.)
          • Accept license terms
          • ‘Upgrade’
          • Warnings?
          • GO!
          • Automatic reboot
          • More GO!
          • A couple more reboots…
          • All Done!
    • Verify services and everything looks OK.
  • Reboot Mail server
    • Looks like it needs the new schema info
  • Reboot file server
    • For good measure
  • Test client connectivity, services, etc.
  • On DC2
    • from Windows2012 install disk
      • run \setup.exe
        • Go online and get updates as needed
        • Enter product key
        • Select OS to install
        • Accept license terms
        • ‘Upgrade’
        • Warnings?
        • GO!
        • Etc. Etc.
        • All Done!
  • Force replication between DCs
  • AD Domains and Trusts
    • Right-click on AD Domains and Trusts
      • Raise Forest functional level

Everything seems to have worked as advertised in the lab! I know have two Windows 2012 DCs with a Windows 2012 forest/domain.

Now, on to the file server upgrade.

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