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Thursday, August 29, 2013

More Testing

I am back in my lab, doing some more testing. I have decided that this is the year to get off of Win08 and move everything I can to Win2012. To that end, I am building a lab that replicates our production environment and am going to do some upgrade/migration testing. Specifically, I want to test (and perhaps re-test):

  • Windows08R2 AD upgrade to Windows 2012 AD
  • An existing file server, running Windows08, upgrade to Windows2012
  • An existing Exchange2010 server, running on Windows08, upgrade to Windows2012

My plan is to do these three upgrade in this order.

My starting environment will look like this:

  • DC1 running Win08R2
    • Running AD, DNS, DHCP
  • DC2 running Win08R2
    • Running AD, DNS
  • FS1 running Win08R2
    • Various shares, files, ACLs, etc.
  • EXCH1 running  WIN08R2 and Exchange 2010
  • CLIENT1 running Win7

All of these machines will be part of the AD domain. My plan is to test in-place upgrade of the OS for all of these servers, in the order listed.

We will see how it goes. Stay tuned.

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