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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Upgrading A Fileserver (and domain) from Win08 to Win12–Part 2

NOTE: This blog post is primarily my notes on this test. While I hope you find it informative (and feel free to ask any questions about it), I am mainly using this to keep my information straight. Thanks.

Here in Part 2 of my little test, I have completed setting up the environment. I have:

  • 2x Win08 domain controllers
  • 1x Win08 file server
  • 1x Win12 file server
  • 1x Win7 client

My next steps are these:

  • Record folder share and security information
  • Shut down both file servers
  • Move the VHD containing my actual data from old file server to new file server
  • Bring up the new file server
  • Make sure the new file server can see the data VHD
  • Re-create the shares on the new file server
  • Test access and connectivity from the client computer

The process to manage shares is a little different in Win12 than in Win08.

  • Computer Management | Storage | Disk Management
    • Bring disk online
    • Assign drive letter (E:)
    • Share folders, using the same settings as on the old file server
    • Enable ABE
      • Server Manager | File and Storage Services | Shares
      • Right-click on share | select Properties
      • Settings | Enable access-based enumeration

Things look good from my client. Too easy!

Now, in production, there are other steps of course. Modifying logon scripts, drive mappings, backups (new base in AppAssure, OUCH!). But it looks like I can get our file serving moved onto a Win12 box without too much difficulty.

As I think more about it, the ‘backups’ question may prove to be a tough one… We use AppAssure for backups. Our repository does not have enough room to do ANOTHER base image of our main file server. Moving this data to a new Win12 box would, I think, trigger a new base image to be taken. Looking at AppAssure, I may be able to delete old base images of our old file server and see if that won’t free up enough room to take the new base. Once the new file server is up and running and have some backup history in place, I can then clear out the rest of the old file server images.

Now, to look at Win08-to-Win12 domain upgrade.

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