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Monday, March 11, 2013

Upgrading A Fileserver (and domain) from Win08 to Win12–Part 1

I am setting up another quick lab to test two things out…

  1. Upgrading my fileserver from Win08 to Win12. I will actually be creating a new file server and just moving a disk from the SAN to the new server. At least, I am hoping this will work smoothly.
  2. Upgrading my domain from Win08R2 to Win12.

I should be able to do both tests with a very simple lab environment. The lab will consist of:

  • DC01 (Win08)
  • DC02 (Win08)
  • FS01 (Wino8)
  • FS03 (Win12)
  • Client02 (Win7)

I will test the file server upgrade first and the domain upgrade second. The plan is simple… Set up a file server with a few shares, files and folders using security groups for access permissions, ABE, etc. Your standard fare, and a fair representation of what we have in production. I will then turn up the Win12 file server and see about moving the disk from the old to the new. I am guessing that I will need to duplicate the share configuration on the new server. But, the NTFS permissions should ‘just work’. (famous last words). Then, just tell everyone the new server name (hoping that, someday, DFS will alleviate this step).

Once I get this file server migration tested, I am then going to look at the DC upgrade and domain migration. Fun!

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