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Monday, February 4, 2013

VM Migration from 2008 to 2012… Not too Smooth

Well, the Cluster Migration Wizard worked like a charm. That is to say, the configuration has been migrated successfully. It is almost too easy. I am amazed that migration from a Win08 Hyper-V cluster to a Win12 Hyper-V cluster is turning out to be so simple. Tonight, I will actually move the SAN resources to the new cluster.

More to come this evening: SAN management with the MD3000i, turning VMs up on the new cluster, celebrate!


Not so fast… I migrated the SAN virtual disks to the new cluster and tried to bring the resources online. No dice. Then, after some researching, I realized that I had not put the MD3000i management software on the servers, which included their MPIO drivers. Oh yeah, I remember that now. Once I did this, all was shiny!

The CSVs came online in the new cluster. But, there is another problem… Some VMs start, others fail. Recommendation is to run the cluster validation tool. (Did I say things were almost too easy somewhere above?!)

The validation tool showed a couple of warnings, but no show-stoppers. Also, I more robustly configured the iSCSI Initiator, using multiple connections and enabling MPIO.

Server reboots.

Some VMs start, other don’t. Getting event IDs 1069, 1205.

I blew out the VM configs for the VMs that won’t start. Created new configs and attached my existing VHDs. Things are starting now.

Some VMs won’t live migrate. Turns out these are the Vms that WOULD start after migration. Strange. Did a quick migrate on the VM. It moves to the new host but won’t resume. Turns out the NIC config was showing bad. Reset the NIC config to point to a valid virtual switch port. All seems good now.

After running fine over the weekend, VM host server lost connectivity to MD3000i iSCSI disks. Had to reboot the MD3000i and VM host machines. things seem to be running smoothly now.

We will see how things go this week.

It’s been an adventure.



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