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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Some Not-Minor Work This Evening

We here at Central have some work lined up this evening. The biggest task will be upgrading our Hyper-V infrastructure. We currently have three Win08 Hyper-V servers (clustered) hosting our VMs. I have blogged about this environment in the past. We recently got three new servers and are running Win2012 DCE on them. These will be our new Hyper-V servers. Everything is set up and ready for the Cluster Migration Wizard to do its thing. Based on what I have read, and some initial test, this should be a pretty smooth process.

The biggest upgrade in all of this is our host memory situation. We are going from 32GB per host to 96GB per host. This will give us the ability to add some memory to some of our high-need VMs (Exchange, SQL Server, etc.). I am hoping that these systems will be a bit better performing after this work.

Here’s to hoping the “Cluster Migration Wizard” performs as advertised!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Year, Win2012 Hyper-V Servers

Long time! The new year is starting off with a big project. We currently have three Win08 Hyper-V servers clustered hosting out VMs. We will soon be replacing them with three Win12 boxes. These new servers will have 3x the memory and beefier guts in general. I am excited to see the new Hyper-V and the new server OS. Updates to come. Comments (if you have been through this already) welcome!

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