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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Network Configured To Automate Cisco APs

We had a couple Cisco APs go bad on us recently. I bought a couple replacements and soon realized that my laptop doesn’t have a COM port… No consoling in to set IP config on the APs. After a little research, I decided to set up out network (DHCP, DNS) to auto-config new APs. Short version below:

Configured network infrastructure to support Cisco Aironet c1300 series APs.

  • Created DNS entry in domain: –> <IP of WLC>
  • In DHCP Scope
  • Added Scope Option: 43 = <calculated HEX value>
    • See:
    • See:
  • Reset APs to factory defaults: held down reset button while plugging power in.
  • Plugged AP into network.
  • Once WLC sees and updates the AP:
    • Rename AP
    • Enable HREAP (as needed)
    • Change AP Group as needed
    • Verify all settings

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