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Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh, by the way… We migrated to Exchange 2010

So, yeah… We did that last week.

First things first, sorry for being such a horrible blogger.

We were running an Exchange 2003 environment in our old domain and have been running two AD domains side-by-side to way too long. Our new domain (Win2008) did not have email and we were managing multiple domains. A total pain.

So, we finally put Exchange 2010 in our new domain and migrated everyone and everything. Overall, it went pretty well. There were no show-stoppers. We are not using public folders in the new environment, so we are sharing “public” calendars from a resource user. It is functioning, I think. We are not a SharePoint shop (and aren’t likely to become one), so this is how I think we need to do it.

We upgraded all of our clients to Outlook 2010 before the migration, so profiles moved over automagically… for the most part. There were a few issues to mitigate, but creating a new Outlook profile usually did the trick.

Thank you to BriComp for their help and hand-holding, especially in setting up the new Exchange 2010 server… yes, a single server running all essential roles. We have a pretty simple environment.

Another shout-out to DigiCert. They provided us with our SSL cert for the new environment. Super easy and super fast to work with. Couldn’t be happier!

Last steps now… Make sure we don’t need our old domain/Exchange any more and decommission it. Then, any lingering clean-up.

It will be nice to have just the one domain to deal with again.

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