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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

IIS7 Virtual Directory Reporting–Part II

My last post was on the topic of IIS Virtual Directory reporting in Powershell. The script worked well and gave me a nice little report that I could then send off to others in our Communications Department, for example, when requested. It wasn’t long after this that it was suggested that we build a webpage that generated this report. Then, our Communications Department could just go view the report for themselves.

Coincidentally, I have been working on improving my web development skills. So, I was asked if I wanted to try and tackle this task. I did and we came up with the following short list of features:

  • Report a list of current Virtual Directories and their httpRedirect – or “Friendly URL” – attributes.
  • Provide a QR Code for each Friendly URL.
  • Link to our Arena assignment page to Add/Change a Friendly URL.
  • FOR ME: A page to create/modify Friendly URLs.

My initial thoughts on how I would accomplish this included parsing the XML in web.config files, traversing physical folders, reading other .config files for the relevant data, etc. It seemed like it was going to be very complicated. Then, as I was researching this project further, I came across the magic that is the Microsoft.Web.Administration Namespace. As you can imagine (or already know if you are familiar with it), this made things MUCH simpler.

Now, I’m no developer (yet), but I am learning and hope to become somewhat proficient someday. I have two great friends, resources, and mentors in Nick and Jason here at Central. With their help, I am actually getting this project built. The goal is to implement it as an Arena module to leverage various Arena features.

I hope to have more to come in the near future as this project develops. It has been fun so far and I have already learned a ton… Mostly, I am learning just how much I DON’T know!

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