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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Active Directory Migration–2003 to 2008 R2

It is exciting to be able to say that our Active Directory migration is complete. Sure, there are some straggling issues, but the main migration is finished. Over all, this project was very successful.

A quick recap of what we did…

I posted a brief update on things earlier. We have since migrated all of the resources in our old domain to the new Windows 2008 R2 domain… all resources EXCEPT our Exchange 2003 environment and our SharePoint Services 3.0 environment. From what I understand, neither of those products are very friendly to AD Migration.

 Windows Server 2008 R2  >  Windows Server 2003

Leaving these resources in our old domain create some interesting usage issues for our users. Regarding SharePoint, I am looking to put a new SharePoint Foundation 2010 setup in our new domain and migrate resources to that. My hope is to just duplicate functionality and deprecate our old SS3.0 service without too much trouble. We don’t use SharePoint for too much, so this isn’t a huge deal. E-mail, on the other hand…

As you can probably imagine, we are eager to migrate our mail system to Exchange 2010. I am hoping this will happen in Q1 2011. We will see. In the meantime, email seems to work best when our users authenticate against Exchange (in Outlook or OWA) with their old domain credentials. So, users are logging in to their computers, accessing file shares, etc. using their new domain account, but have to remember to use their old domain account for email. Getting users to remember to juggle domains like this is “interesting”. I mean, I sometimes forget which resources needs which domain credentials. Then there’s the issue of creating new mail-enabled accounts. Interesting stuff.

I can say that the Active Directory Migration Tool is pretty awesome! It has worked very well for us and made migration a relative breeze!

I do want to give another hat tip to Brian Ricks at BriComp Computers, LLC. He has been a great resources and has been fun to work with as well.

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