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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

P2V’d My Laptop

So, I am finally moving from XP to Win7 on my work machine. I had wanted to wait until getting a new laptop, as my current machine is almost 4 years old and only 32bit. But, the time has come to bite the bullet.

Now, the thought of just wiping my laptop and re-installing makes me ill. I mean, I have a lot installed and everything has a custom configuration. What I really want is to be able to run two machines, side by side, during my transition. That way, I can check settings, etc.

Hyper-V and VMM to the rescue!

I started a P2V operation in VMM last night before heading home. When I got in this morning, the job was complete.

Everything looks great and the VM is working perfectly. The only hiccup was that Windows had to be re-activated. Other than that, everything is working as expected.

Now it’s time to wipe the HD on that laptop and start the Win7 install.

Fun stuff!

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