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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Setting up SNMP on Windows Server 2008

Had an odd little ditty today…

image I needed to set up SNMP on a Windows Server 2008 box so that I could add it to our What’s Up Gold monitoring system. As you probably know, Server 2008 relies heavily on the concepts of Roles and Features. Well, SNMP is a Feature. So, in Server Manager I added the SNMP Feature.

Then, like in previous versions of Windows, I went to the Services UI, scrolled down to ‘SNMP Service’, right-clicked, and selected Properties.

I expected to see a nice series of tabs that would allow me to configure the SNMP Service with things like ‘community names’ and ‘trap destinations’. Instead, I only got the standard tabs you see on most Services. The service was installed and running, but there was no way to configure it.

Turns out, the ‘fix’ to this is simple… Log out and log back in. After logging back in, all teh SNMP configuration tabs were there.

You shouldn’t have to do that, but it is only a small inconvenience.


Stephen said...

lot, i was trying to figure out what I was not able to see the tabs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, that was very helpful. Why not create a snap in or something like that I don't know, only MS.

Martin said...

Actually, all you need to do is close the services window and open it up again, no need to log out

Brian said...

or just click the refresh button in the upper left side.

Anonymous said...

Good call. Thanks for the help. I tried restarting the service and refreshing the screen, but nothing worked. Logging off and back on was the only thing that worked for me. Thanks again!

Derek Mangrum said...

Glad this was helpful.

Anonymous said...

damn..this is really USEFUL ..LOL ..

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, could have spend hours on this one !

Anonymous said...

I've been having this issue of not being able to connect to server 2008 r2 with whats up gold. The fix that should be posted here is to check your groups.

Under local users and grups you must be part of the following groups: (Don't know which but when I added administrator ro all three I started getting SNMP data)

Performance log users
Performance monitors users
Network configuration monitors.

Anonymous said...

that was odd...perfect fix, thanks for the help!

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