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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Installing SQL Server 2008 Express Edition Management Studio

image I have a new VM that I am configuring as a development platform. I am installing some of the Visual Studio Express Edition tools, specifically Visual Web Developer 2008 EE and Visual C# 2008 EE. I’m not a developer, but I enjoy dabbling. This will give me the tools to do that.

I first installed Visual Web Developer (did this a week ago). As part of this install, it installed SQL Server 2008 Express Edition. While this installed the database engine, it did not install the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Now, SSMS for version 2005 was a separate download and install. This version, however, is not able to manage a 2008 install. So, I went looking for the 2008 version of the SSMS. It turns out that there are multiple versions of the SQL Server 2008 EE product…

It looks like the WebDev install included only the Runtime version of SQL Server EE. So, if I wanted to get the Management Studio, I had to use one of the other two distros of this product. Here’s where the snag came that I wanted to share.

The install of the SQL Server 2008 Express with Tools allows you to install a new instance or add to an existing instance. My first thought was to add to an existing instance (as I already had an installation of this product). However, when I went through this step, it did not allow me to add the Management Studio. I think it saw that the currently-installed instance was the ‘Runtime Only’ version, so it did not offer me the Management Studio.

After wrestling with this for a few minutes, I decided I would just install a new instance, hoping to get access to the Management Studio that way. This worked even better than I wanted. I was able to select ONLY the Management Studio on the new instance install page. This page listed ‘Instance resources’ and ‘Shared resources’. Management Studio was under ‘Shared resources’. I selected it and left everything else unchecked.

Worked like a charm.

This wasn’t completely intuitive (you can’t add to an existing install if the existing install is the Runtime Only version). So, you have to use the ‘install a new instance’ option.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up. I've been configuring my laptop so I can do some .Net dev and I couldn't figure out how to get the Management Tools installed. Very odd way of installing something. Thanks again!

Derek Mangrum said...

Glad the info is useful!

Rui said...

This solved my issue.

I don't believe how many setup packages exists to install express edition, why not just one and simpler.

Anonymous said...

It worked for me too. What a uability epic fail :/

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