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Thursday, December 11, 2008

FolderShare No More

Microsoft warned us FolderShare users that it was going away. Well, tonight it happened. I started getting connection errors on my computers, telling me that I had to upgrade to Windows Live Sync. I have been using FolderShare for quite a while, keeping files in sync between multiple computers and among multiple different people. It is a great tool.

Windows Live Sync looks almost identical and seems to function in much the same way. I haven't peeked into every corner yet, however. It does have a 'remote access' feature, but I currently use TeamViewer (along with KeePass for password management and auto-form-fill) and LOVE IT! I will not be bothering with the remote access features of Windows Live.

In fact, I am not sure I buy into the whole Windows Live thing quite yet. Yes, I use Windows Live Writer for blogging, Messenger for IM (in addition to Google Chat),  and Sync. But, I think of them as individual applications, not as part of a coherent, integrated service. I don't know if that's because I'm 'old school' or because Microsoft hasn't done a good enough job of selling Windows Live.

I just hope that Sync works as well as FolderShare did.

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