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Thursday, December 11, 2008

File Transfer Technology

As I've blogged about earlier, we now have a 200Mb QMOE link between our campuses, courtesy of Qwest.

Now, we (and by 'we', I primarily mean my boss) are looking into some file transfer technology to improve the data transfer of 80+GB of data between the campuses at regular intervals. We would like to be able file-transfer our recorded services between campuses for playback.

While we know we can just drag-and-drop while crossing our fingers, we are hoping to find a solution that does a bit more:

  • Improve speed of transfer
  • Easily facilitate transfer between nodes with different OSs (Mac-->Win, for example)
  • Failure recovery/auto-restart/interruption handling
  • Automated? Scriptable? Scheduling?

My boss is currently evaluating technology from Aspera. Apparently, their solution uses UDP rather than TCP. But, while testing, we have seen a pretty high percentage of packet loss on UDP traffic. The issue may be with our Dell PowerConnect 6024, our core switch/router on our Mesa campus. We are looking at testing a replacement for this (a Cisco box) to see if traffic throughout/integrity improves.

If anyone has to transfer large over WAN links, I would love to hear about the technology you use for that!

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Anonymous said...

Aspera might turn out to be too expensive, take a look at FileCatalyst, they provide you with all the client applications at no extra cost.

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