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Monday, November 17, 2008

Quantum of NO Solace!

Yes, I am sadly reporting that my Quantum Scalar 50 is bringing me no solace! Actually, it looks like it may be my Scalar 50 AND my Adaptec 39320A SCSI card, working in conjunction to frustrate my life.

When I run 'small' tape jobs, things work fine. Catalog tapes, erase tapes, label tapes, etc. But, when I try to actually run a backup/duplicate job...

Event ID 9

I'm not the only one getting these, for sure. I am hoping that some of the 'fixes' I am finding online will help. If not, it will be time to open trouble tickets with Quantum, Adaptec, and maybe Symantec (using BE11d).

In the past few weeks, I was trying to get this hardware setup working with SCDPM with no luck. No one could help... not Microsoft... not Adaptec.

Now, I am seeing the same (or, at least, VERY similar) problems with BE11d. I will be tempted, once I get this thing working, to try out DPM again.

I will follow up with a post, should I actually find a resolution to this.

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