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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Quick Quiz...

QUESTION:  What just increased from 1.5Mb to 200Mb?

ANSWER:  The point-to-point link between our two campuses!

We completed the initial installation of our Qwest QMOE line between our campuses. This link is replacing a T1, upping our bandwidth by over 100 times. The T1 is still in place and, using OSPF to handle routing, is automatically used if we lose the QMOE link. We tested the failover/failback and it works great.

As part of this initial setup, we redirected Internet traffic for our Gilbert users across the new link and out the Mesa campus ISP connection. Currently, the Gilbert campus has a T1 connection to our ISP. The Mesa campus has a Cox Business Internet line, 12Mb down and 2Mb up. We will see how this works for us. Failover for this setup, at this time, is a manual process. We are working on automating that as well.

We did not set up any QoS today. But, our plan is to configure QoS to improve transmission for video and voice traffic, mainly video. Our hope is to, at some point in the not-too-distant future, stream services between the campuses in real time. But, that is a future blog post.

I am excited to see the performance of this link moving forward. I am especially interested in getting responses from our Gilbert campus users who regularly use Mesa campus resources.

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