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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Backup Solution Going In...

Scalar 50So, after pulling together a bunch of different pieces, we are just about ready to deploy our DPM solution. Pieces have included SAN storage, the tape library (pictures at left), re-tasking a server, etc. Things ended up being much more complicated and time-consuming than I originally thought. But, we are now very close.

The tape library was a huge piece for this, since our backups have been running over one tape for some time now. Our Scalar 50 has one tape drive and supports up to 30 tapes. Our DPM installation will perform D2D2T backups for a variety of our servers and applications. We will be doing straight D2T for other platforms until we get some more SAN disk.

This implementation should greatly enhance our DR and backup solution over our current install... BackupExec with a single tape drive. My plan is to deploy this gear tomorrow and work on configuring Protection Groups over the weekend. Fun stuff! Hopefully, I will be able to sleep better at nights knowing DPM is protecting my data.

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