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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Outlook (Office 12) Crashing

Taking some notes for myself here...

Recently - the past week or two - Outlook has been crashing a few times a day. I was seeing the following in my event logs:


It was always Event ID 1000 and 1001. I researching things a bit and came across the following items that seemed promising...

Installed MS Visual C++ Redist Package (didn't help):

Removed Add-Ins (This thread got me thinking about add-ins):

As noted, I had a crash after installing the VC++ Redist. So, I checked the add-ins in Outlook and removed/disabled a couple that I did not want/need in there. No more crashes so far today.

Lesson: Uninstalls don't always uninstall everything. And, remnants can cause problems!

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