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Saturday, September 6, 2008

File Migration is Complete

Just a quick update, we have officially completed our migration off of our old file server and on to our new, virtualized solution. I turned our old file server off this week. We will be re-tasking this box, deploying it to our Worship Arts ministry for them to use as a 'bit bucket' of sorts. It will be theirs to use, and manage, as they see fit.

As for our new file storage solution, I think it is working quite well. I have blogged numerous times in the past about the various aspects of this change. Along the way, I have built a suite of tools for managing our new file server. I wrote a Powershell script to create new shared areas, another script to reset security on existing shared resources, and started a library of tools for reporting purposes.

Over all, I think this project has gone well. While it is, in a very real sense, never-ending, I do feel like we have reached a point where we can call this job "done". The old server is off and the new solution is purring along.

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