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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Error Number: 0x80072EE2

I was getting this error today when attempting Windows Updates on one of my servers. The environment made this a bit unique. This particular server is a Windows 2003ENT 32Bit VM being hosted on a Hyper-V VM Host Server.

I created the VM and installed the OS. The first thing I did after that was attempt Windows Updates. After a few minutes, I got the error listed above.

It turns out there were two issues causing problems. The first one, which doesn't seem to be specific to my VM environment, was that the BITS service was not running. It was set to manual and was stopped. I set it to automatic and started it.

The second item seems to be an issue with the Hyper-V environment. I found the solution here. Here is a quote of the contents of the posted solution:

I found the solution-- more searching after this post indicated a registry
setting was tweaked but the information given was incorrect. Turns out you
need to put this in the guest VM's registry:
Value(DWORD): DisableTaskOffload = 1

(the incorrect mention was called DisableTaskOffset which I am putting here
in hopes anyone who searches for that will find this as well)

(information obtained from!3110BDF94643CB31!354.entry helped in


As noted in this post, I added the registry key, rebooted, and things are working fine. I hope that this is resolved in the RTM version of Hyper-V. I would hate to have to do this step to every new VM I create. Ok, maybe hate is a strong word, but it would be a bit annoying.


Matt said...

Thank you. This solved my problem when trying to activate some Vista virtual machines running on hyper-v server 2008R2. It was driving me nuts!

Derek Mangrum said...

Glad to hear it! :-)

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