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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Forays Into 64bit Computing

Dell PE2950We have ordered our first piece of 64bit hardware. We are getting a Dell PowerEdge 2950 that we will use as a VM Host server. We will run Windows Server 2008 DCE and Hyper-V. This will give us the ability to host 32bit and 64bit guests. The initial specs on this box include dual quad-core processors, 8GB RAM (expandable to 32GB), six NIC ports (one for net access, two for SAN connectivity, and three for VM guest connectivity), and mirrored boot disks.

The main thrust for this server is that we are looking to implement Microsoft Groove as a collaboration tool for some of our users. We will be testing things out over the coming weeks and the piloting this service with a small set of users. It looks like a pretty cool product and we hope that it will 'grease the wheels' for some of our more active collaboration groups.

I am very excited about this project for many reasons. First, I haven't worked with 64bit hardware before. Nor have I worked with a multi-proc server before. Windows Server 2008 and Hyper-V will also be new to me (as far as hands-on goes). Lots of fun stuff!


The Cybernetic Entomologist said...

You'll like the 2950 - We've got 3 of them running our ESX infrastructure, and lots of the geeks here at MinistryTECH are either doing the same or planning to do so in the near future.

Keep us posted on how Hyper-V works for you, we're intrigued by it.

DMangrum said...

I will keep this Blog up to date on how things progress on this project. This will be our first server investing in expressly for VM hosting. I am glad to hear that others like the platform!

Thanks for the feedback.

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