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Monday, March 17, 2008

Expanding Our VM Environment

We are adding a third VM Host this week. We are currently using Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 and plan on migrating to Hyper-V later this year. Our Hosts are humble, but functional: Dell PE 860s with 8GB RAM and six NICs total. We use one NIC for LAN access, two for SAN access, and the rest for VM access to our network.

We are also working to implement Virtual Machine Manager, but things aren't as smooth as I would like. I think much of the headaches are due to my lack of knowledge. I am working to remedy that. We have also been running the evaluation version of this... until now. We purchased VMM and I am just installing the licensed version now. The biggest feature I am interested in (which I am not able to get working as of yet) is CheckPoints. I am hoping that something will change with the full version.

We will see...

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